October5, 2020

Joined gym.

August 28, 2020

Semester final is over, last exam was really hard. Just want to pass this one.

August 11, 2020

Took a break. Semester final is only 9 days away. Have to study. Then I'll work on my site :)

June 25, 2020

A good friend of mine suggested me to post my stories on this site. Good idea!!

june 13 2020

My phone's touch isn't working and it's charging port either.No fixing shops are available right now. Hopeless.

June 2 2020

Was having a dull day. Then I got a call from my friend. He's gonna fly kite! I haven't flown one since April 2012. 8 years!. I called another buddy and he was excited to go with me. We went to the place at 4:30 and it was really crowded ... like pre 2020. Everyone was flying kites and playing. It was in the airfield of our local army base. I was really excited until the sky became full of black clouds. Yup, we didn't get the chance to fly the kite. I don't like rain.

May 30 2020

Had first official online class today. Honestly I enjoyed it. Maybe because I'm an introvert? I miss my friends from university.

Shaved my head for the first time in 17 years! I remember the last time I shaved was back in december 2003...time flies. Anyone who was born back then is now a high schooler! I'm old!

May 29 2020

I love this concept, an online diary written in HTML... :p.

Anyway, my paranoia is back... I tried my best to blend in with these crowd. I can't explain how much I want to get out of this town...people here is making my life a living hell. FUCK YOU ALL. YOU GUYS ARE THE REASON WHY BENGALIS ARE LOOKED DOWN BY EVERYONE. My Eid was great though, started the day with my parents quarrelling. Went to masjid this year due the covid apocalypse. It seemed like everyone there was trying to prove how badass they were. No masks, no care and simply they have superior gene. This virus can't infect them. Anyway, finished my prayer, bought some soda, came back home, watched the office, fell asleep. Then got a call from my boy wanting to go on a bike trip. I was nervous at first...but then I thought...why not? Let's go!. Me and the boys then went on a long bike trip. Went to the Zamuna river, hired a boat and went on a boat trip. This was my first boat journey.I enjoyed it a lot. Hated the weather though. I hate clouds.