Uber Doppelgänger


Jack Scott , 28, just graduated from college. Job market is tough. So, he now works as an uber driver . He is actually good in his job. Accomplished 5 star driver. One day while he was looking for passenger, a man named Chris Wyatt appeared on his screen. He then went to Chris to pick him up. When they saw each other they were stunned. Both of them looked alike and had same voice. Naturally they bonded quickly . Chris told him that he 's a rich businessman and he is sick of his life.. " I wish I had your life. Hey, wanna switch places for one day? It would be fun!" said chris. Jack, struggling financially happily accepted the offer. Chris took his car and went away. Jack then started heading towards Chris's business site. But as soon as he reached the place the cops arrested him. Jack discovered that Chris is an wanted criminal. "Please, lemme go! I'm innocent"said Jack. "Calm down kid. You don't know the best part yet" said Officer Simpson. "We've bugged your car. We were spying on you since the day you moved here. And our plan worked. We've got Chris. He was trying to escape to Mexico and we've got him. Thanks kid!""So...I'm free?! ""Yes you are" . Then Jack woke up it was 6:30 am. Man! What a dream!

The Crush


January 4, 2015

Hi, I'm Victor, my friends call me Vic. I just turned 16. I hate everyone else around me. I'm writing this diary because...this could be my last year...idk who cares anyway? So, it's 4:35 pm , afternoon . Finished asr prayer. Honestly I'm going through a rough time. Specially when you want someone so bad but you know that they'll never be yours. Saw this creepy guy on youtube today. He inspired me to do something legendary.

February 10

Had a bad day. Just found out Louise got back with her junkie boyfriend. Maybe him being a drug addict isn't a bad thing to her, it's his looks. Come on...what girl would'nt want to date a 6 feet man who is also the most popular man in town? And me? I'm a fat nerd who romanticizes and imagines unrealitic things. One thing I've learned that girls love bad boys. Well Louise... I'll be the worst of the worst. This will make us together...the best couple in afterlife.

February 14

It's valentines day! Not for everyone though. For me it will be remembered as the Humiliation day. I know very well that Louise is taken. But her boyfriend isn't the type of guy you would want around your mother or sister. I proposed her....yes I did. You wanna know what happened? Nope, She didn't slap or scolded me. She flat out tol me I'm a fat joke. I'm a joke and my existance is a joke to huamanity. Well, Louise...our days are numbered.

April 2

Actually I have a good news! I lost weight! It's too good to be true right? well I did gastric bypass surgery operation . This is my final year on earth, so I don't wanna die a fat idiot. I'm planning on a special project That will unite both me and Louise.

April 8

The special project begins today. This will make me a legend.

April 9

So, the special project is... I'm going to kill us both. Thus we can be together forever... I've a plan, I will make a mail bomb. I'm not a terrorist. A mail bomb is a gift package that contains gag stuffs like water, foam spray etc. But I'll use acid. Sulphuric acid. Because it's strong enough to kill you, or if it doesn't it will leave you with permanent face4 damage. She'll kill herself for that.

April 14

Funday! Went to the annual fair as usual. But I didn't go there to enjoy the culture. Basically I stalked Louise She as expected was with her boyfriend. Her whorish friends Jessica,Sadie were also there with their equally matching partners. Even though I seem like I hate Louise a lot, but deep inside I feel bad for her. She is way too above their league. She should be with me. A classy man with an aristocratic family background. Only if I were fit enough for her. Don't worry sweety...you and I will be together soon.

April 20

I bought Sulfuric acid. I didn't say what was the reason but you all know why. Time to start the project. The package should look legit and professional and I have to make sure only she finds it .

May 1

Today is international holiday and tomorrow is Friday so I got enough time to set this up.

May 2

I've finished making the bomb. I kinda feel hesitated. Maybe I shouldn't send her this now. But I won't make her life easy. I got even better plans before to execute my masterpiece.

May 15

Saw Louise kiss her boyfriend. She was doing it as if she wanted me to see it. I was about to change my mind and move on with better things . I was going to cancel the mail bomb thing. But after this, you deserve this. You've just did the kiss of death. I have access to her phone. I mean her facebook account and email. How am I supposed to know this? Jessica isn't exactly the loyal friend Louise thought. She told my best friend Shane and he told me. Her password is her junkie boyfriend. Robert. Well, Rob...you're done.

May 17

I've been watching videos about hacking phones and everything, turns out it is actually easier than algebra. If you know passwords and phone number...you're golden. I started to hack into Louise's phone and see how stuff was between her and Rob. Let's say I've seen everything. She isn't a virgin. All along I thought I was going to be her first. I'm going to ruin her life now. Every way possible.

May 25

I just leaked some her videos online. It worked as planned. Everyone saw it. Her and that junkie doing it. Honestly I did't see any of it. I respect her enough to not to see her. Told you I have class.

May 30

Heard Louise got really upset about the incident. I actually felt bad. I went to comfort her....and you wanna know what she said?"Back off creep" I'm a creep. OKAY THIS IS OFFICIAL NOW. YOU'R HELL BEGINS FROM HERE. EITHER YOU ARE GOING TO BE A GOOD PERSON OR DIE LIKE A WHORE. AND SHE IS RIGHT I AM A CREEP. SO WE ARE A PERFECT MATCH. WHORE AND A CREEP.

August 10

Many things have happened in the last two months. Louise' parents have restricted her life to a some degree. Her dad drops her off everyday. But she is still dating Robert. So, I've to execute the mail bomb soon. I'm thinking whether should I reveal that I was the one who did all these and be known as a creep forever? yes I should. Like I said , SHE IS A WHORE AND I AM A CREEP.

August 30

Things are getting worse for her. Robert got arrested when he was caught dealing weed. Fucking lowlife deserves it. I think this is perfect time to do my masterpiece. I've found a gun. It's an old revolver that my grandpa gave to dad. It's still functional with bullets in it. It's good enough to kill me. Yes me and Louise are going to die together...to be forever.

September 10

I've delivered the package. How I did that? I simply sneaked behind her house , labeled it " To my love -Robert" I'm not an idiot. I will let her know it was me behind her downfall. Also I'm the one who told the cops about Robert's location. So I'm very happy!

September 30

My plan worked...it just worked. She opened it and the package did its thing. She died a very slow and painful death. The acid burned her face and throat. I should feel sorry but I shouldn't. Also I didn't let Louise know it was me because...It's better to know her Robert did it.

October 1

I feel bad for what I've done. Am I afraid of getting caught? NO. I have my gun with me and a note that says " I've always loved you. We could have had a future. Raising a family. But you made the most predictable decision . I love you Louise. I love you and I can't live knowing that you are not here and it's my fault I didn't help you. I'll see in heaven" These are my true words..

I wrote this to enter the Summerfest 2020. But it was too long and violent and was rejected. My friend liked it and told me to post here.