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I am a 21 year old human male (as of writing) from a small town in Bangladesh. I've always loved this 90s style web design filled with gifs, so I made myself one!

Anyway my current goal is to lose weight, improve social skill, and most importantly not listen to other people's crap. I hope to find a girlfriend with similar interests oneday... Have to lose fat first though!

Stuffs I do:

Stuffs I like


GTA series, Team Fortress 2, Half life 1,2 and someday...3, Project IGI 1 and 2, The house of the dead series. Farcry 1 & 3,Portal, Mafia 1&2,Flash Games

Movies& TV shows:

The office,Futurama, The Simpsons, Family guy, King of the hill, Ed edd n eddy, The Hangover Triology, Godfather triology, Goodfellas, Breaking Bad,
Better Call Saul, Parks and Recreation, Harry Potter series....and anything from Humayun Ahmed RIP

My favorite bands

Empire of the Sun

Foster The People

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